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August 25, 2023

Big techs don’t care about AI-generated content

There is this misconception that big techs such as Google, Meta, and every major social media are concerned with content originality. They’re not. The only thing they’re concerned about is to increase user retention by adding value. If AI-generated content adds more value than the alternatives, so be it.

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What stories are you telling yourself?

All our fears boil down to the stories we tell ourselves. What’s going to happen if I sell my company? Will the money be enough to keep my “lifestyle”? Am I able to find another fulfilling career? I’m too old for that. What if the economy goes downhill, and I must find a shitty job? […]

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Don’t let “work” mean something others tell you to do

Everyone should develop the habit of working on their projects. Don’t let “work” mean something others tell you to do. If you do great work and become successful (whatever it means for you), one day, it will probably be on a project you took ownership of. Here are a few ideas for cool projects with […]

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August 11, 2023

Marketing 101 for EA Organizations

This article was originally posted by me on the Effective Altruism Forum on August 2nd, 2023. As a newcomer to the EA community, I’m surprised by how rarely EAs talk about marketing and organizational growth. As a marketer myself, maybe it’s just a matter of me over-expecting people to give more importance to the matter, but […]

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July 21, 2023

Goodhart’s Law and “metric depreciation”

When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure. A friend of mine hired a freelancer to boost its growth and wrongly set one of the goals to increase website traffic by 30% in six months. The freelancer exceeded the. the goal in just three months with aggressive online advertising but, […]

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Prioritization > Productivity

Everyone knows “that person” who doesn’t seem to be productive at all, but somehow is very successful. He or she shows up late to work, takes forever to answer e-mails and barely remembers what was discussed during the last meeting but, somehow, is successful. It took me some time to figure out why, but the […]

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The hidden cost of meetings

How expensive is a “meeting that could be an email?”. Suppose a scenario where a marketer schedules a meeting with two devs and two managers to present a report over one hour on Zoom. Average hourly rate of a junior dev = US$ 30 Average hourly rate of a middle manager = US$ 40 Average […]

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July 13, 2023

When facing a complex problem, just ask WHY (five times)

Although I’m an avid reader and addicted to learning, the truth is that most of the things I learn, I’ll never use again. But, now and then, I find a technique that increase some aspect of my life (happiness, productivity, relationships, wealth etc) in at least 10x. Today, I want to share one of these […]

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To be customer-centric is harder than you think

It’s easy to read Working Backwards (a breakdown of Amazon’s approach to process from two top-level Amazon executives) and walk into your office saying that, from that day on, your company will be “customer-centric.” But everyone who has been in front of any business knows that being customer-centric is extremely difficult. First, because prioritizing the […]

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Hiring to drive more value x operational fixes

Are you hiring to create more value or endlessly fix operation failures? Due to marketing/sales efforts or simply luck, the demand increases, and the company must hire many people to run the operations. However, every operation has flaws, and the company must hire even more people to fix errors caused by process flaws. And suddenly, […]

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