Igor Scaldini

March 23, 2024

Some principles I live by

“Principles act as shortcuts to help you make choices that you’ll be satisfied with, and they serve as beacons to guide you toward a better version of yourself. They also serve as an encapsulation of important lessons you’ve learned throughout your life.”  – Spencer Greenberg

List of my life principles: 

  • Show enthusiasm. Experiencing life is a privilege. Never stop being delighted about things. See life as a romance writer.
  • Prioritize experience over things. Stuff goes away; experiences stay with you forever. Make an effort to create good memories.
  • Choose wisely where you’ll spend energy. What you pay attention to expands. Choose to ignore things that don’t add value for you or for the people you love.
  • Be the adult in the room. Keep calm and make the right decision. Do not make any decision driven by extreme emotions, such as anger, sadness, social pressure, or despair.
  • Be healthy. Always be ready to scramble and take care of your body. In the end, nothing really matters if your body and mind aren’t healthy.
  • Be kind; everyone is fighting the same war. Even when it’s hard, make a conscious effort to be kind. Don’t be lazy; the world has enough rudeness. Look for commonalities in other people, not differences.
  • Seek to understand the big picture, and be ready to update your views in front of strong evidence.
  • Practice. Just show up. Aim for the stars, reach the moon. Life is short. Take risks, and make your life meaningful.
  • Courage is the ultimate virtue. All our fears boil down to the stories we tell ourselves.
  • Happiness is a direction, not a destination. Choose to be happy today. The quality of your life is the quality of your days. The process is real; the destination is an illusion.
  • There is no such thing as “love”. There are only “acts of love”. Take action, even if it seems embarrassing.



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