Igor Scaldini

September 22, 2023

We’ll pay and do whatever it takes to belong to something

Here is what most marketers nowadays don’t get about branding.

When you buy a product, you’re buying a ticket to be part of a group. And belonging is non-negotiable for human beings.

We’ll pay and do whatever it takes to belong.

And that’s why…

Nike doesn’t sell just sports gear… It sells Performance. When you use Nike, you’re a person committed to not only being fit but being the best.

Red Bull doesn’t sell just energy drinks… It sells Adventure. When you drink Red Bull, you’re brave and limitless.

Liquid Death doesn’t sell just water… It sells Environmental Activism. When you drink Liquid Death, you’re saving the planet.

Yes, branding is hard to measure and sometimes may seem too abstract to be worth talking about, but believe me, these companies wouldn’t be spending billions of dollars on it every year if it didn’t work.

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